Monday, October 30, 2017


Dick & Betsy DeVos are used to buying politicians, despite promises. 
Lonnie Scott, executive director of the Progress Michigan 
Said he was not surprised by the PAC contributions from Dick DeVos, which he called a “violation” of Betsy’s stated intentions. 
“Did we expect her to keep her word in the first place? I think that’s the real question. When you have spent literally millions of your own money to purchase legislators and specific policies, you’re not going to stop that once you can finally get in a position where you can influence it directly.” -- Detroit News
Ben Joravsky
...CPS gets to spend less money on special education teachers and more money on high-priced consultants. It's like they're taking money from the poorest, most vulnerable kids in the system to devise new schemes to take even more money from them. Man, if CPS is a national leader, as Rahm says, I feel bad for kids around the country. -- The Reader 
Phil Kadner
There isn’t a single candidate likely to tell anyone the truth about school funding in Illinois. Just as the state has failed to fund the pension systems, it has failed to adequately fund the schools. -- Sun-Times OpEd 
Sylvia Puente, of the Latino Policy Forum
“We don’t need dominant society to divide and conquer, when we do divide and conquer among ourselves.” -- Tensions simmer between African-Americans and Latinos (Sun-Times)
David Perry, Univ. of Minnesota 
I’m the father of a 10-year-old boy with Down syndrome. It’s easy to imagine Rosa Maria as my son’s classmate, disappeared into a detention facility. -- Washington Post 
Chris Ladd, former GOP Precinct Committeeman
Pretending that the Republican Party has not become an engine for white nationalist ambitions is like refusing to carry an umbrella in the rain. -- Forbes

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