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Friday, March 20, 2015

More endorsements expected today for Chuy Garcia

Will Guzzardi
Our machine-busting State Rep. Will Guzzardi will announce his support for Chuy Garcia today at a rally sponsored by Reclaim Chicago.

The event will take place near McCormick Place, site of a planned new hotel that progressives have been opposing. The project is financed in part by tens of millions of dollars in special tax district funds (TIF) they should be going to schools and other neighborhood projects.

I received this  from Will this morning:

Dear friends and neighbors,

This morning, I’ll be joining my allies at Reclaim Chicago to announce my endorsement of County Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia for mayor of Chicago.

No matter what the mayor’s spin artists tell us, here’s what we know: these last four years, things have gotten harder for working families in Chicago. We’re getting fewer services, and we’re paying more in taxes and tickets and fines and fees. Many of our communities are facing profound crises of public safety. Affordable housing is a fading dream for too many families, even as the CHA sits on enormous unspent cash reserves. And our neighborhood schools have either been closed or had their budgets cut to the bone, while public dollars have been diverted by the tens of millions to privately operated charter schools.

Chuy Garcia offers our city a new direction. He has served Chicago families with passion and dedication for the last 30 years. Most recently, in his tenure at the Cook County Board, he has worked in lock step with President Toni Preckwinkle to solve the county’s profound budget problems while continuing to provide critical services to those families in need.

Chuy’s positions as a candidate and his record as a public servant show that he shares our values. When faced with the thorny problems that the next four years will bring, Chuy will know how to solve them with integrity and compassion.

There’s a difference between being tough and being heartless. It’s not a show of courage to balance budgets on the backs of the poor and voiceless. What takes true courage is standing up to the wealthy and powerful and insisting that they too must contribute their fair share. That’s the kind of toughness Chuy will bring, and it will do our city a world of good.

If you're as excited about Chuy as I am, please join me and our partners at Reclaim Chicago in volunteering for his campaign. Click here to sign up for a shift!

Some of you may disagree with this assessment. That’s okay! I encourage you to vote for whomever you see as the best candidate. But please, above all, make sure you vote on April 7th.

Thank you, and all my best,


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