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Friday, March 27, 2015

Chuy tells Rahm: 'You're not the king of the city'

In case you weren't watching...

Fran Spielman, Sun-Times
Mayoral challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia came out smoking Thursday, putting Mayor Rahm Emanuel on his heels in their second debate for presiding over a government by fiat and press release that is “out of touch” with the priorities of everyday Chicagoans.
 “He’s the mayor of Chicago — not the king of the city.
Rick Pearson and Bill Ruthhart, Tribune
"The mayor said that sometimes he rubs people the wrong way because of his passion, but that's not why people on Feb. 24 voted for change in the city of Chicago," said Garcia, alluding to Emanuel failing to win re-election outright last month. "They voted for change, because they're tired of the broken promises, they're tired of the bad choices and they're tired of the wrong priorities of this administration. … I will be a mayor that will be inclusive."
When the mayor talked about closing a coal-fired plant in Little Village, where Garcia lives, the challenger responded: "You singlehandedly closed that? People have been working on that for 10 years. You were still in Washington."
At another point, Garcia was asked about his opposition to the use of lakefront land between Soldier Field and McCormick Place for a museum to display the collections of movie mogul and "Star Wars" creator George Lucas. The challenger accused Emanuel of deciding to award the land for "a monument to Darth Vader" through mayoral "fiat."
Sara Burnett, AP
 He [Garcia] told reporters after the debate that he was more aggressive than he's been in their previous meetings in part because voters are excited about the runoff and "that's contagious."
Fred Klonsky's Blog
 You could see the two Rahm’s fighting with themselves. There was the modulated, passionless technocrat that repeated the same things over and over. Yet every once in a while the real Rahm – the one that rubs us all the wrong way – came out. Nasty and whining. “Let me finish. Let me finish,” Rahm cried when Chuy interrupted Rahm’s long-winded BS. -- The Chuy we've been waiting for
Media Tweets
The funniest moment for me was when Rahm mistakenly quoted Yogi Bear instead of Yogi Berra. He's not smarter than average bear.

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