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Thursday, March 12, 2015

ELECTION QUOTABLES -- Does Rahm look like a winner?

Does this man look like he's winning?
John Kass 
But for all his millions in campaign cash, he's even with Chuy, according to polls. Consistently, about 18 percent of the vote remains undecided. And historically, undecided voters don't break to the incumbent, especially one who isn't loved. -- Chicago Tribune
Willie Wilson
 “I’ve always said that I would vote for anybody except the mayor.” -- Willie Wilson
Andrew Sharp, Garcia's campaign manager
 “We’ve been very clear from the outset that we are building a new coalition in Chicago that is going to combine people from all communities.” -- Tribune
Ben Joravsky
 It was just a few months ago that—without discussion or debate—this group of aldermen gave the mayor the green light to throw upwards of $500 million out the window for his Marriot hotel/DePaul basketball arena deal. Not a one of them—including Alderman Reilly—bothered to ask for any supporting information from Mayor Rahm for that debacle. -- Bleader
SOHO House
Shannon Heffernan
But some of the projects WBEZ found in the full list might not be what an average Chicagoan expects when you hear Emanuel describe a program guided by the belief that Chicago’s success is measured by “whether our families can raise their children in our neighborhoods.”
For example, the full Neighborhoods Now list counts the $44 million in private money SOHO House brought to the West Loop. Soho House is a hip membership club. It requires a headshot, application, and approval from a board to join. -- WBEZ

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