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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Rahm's rich pals throw good money after bad

The Griffins, Ken and Ann.
How can a guy who just pissed away millions of his own campaign money say anything about anyone else's lack of a financial plan? 
In just three days, Rahm's billionaire pals have dumped another $1.3M into his sputtering campaign. That should just about guarantee a victory for Chuy. Why do I say that? Every time Ken Griffin takes makes a dump, Rahm's poll numbers seem to fall. I'm not saying there's a causal relationship, but it's interesting nevertheless. Ken, a smart businessman must know this is a poor investment. The only thing I can figure is that he's trying to empty the bank account to keep ex-wife, Ann from getting it in the divorce settlement.

Others who donated from March 3 to March 6 include: Groupon co-founder Eric Lefkofsky, $200,000; Richard Melman, $100,000; and Jay B. Pritzker and M.K. Pritzker, who tossed in $50,000 each.

It does raise the question, where has all Rahm's money gone? Rememer, he had $30M in the tank, plus $2M in SuperDuperPAC money. Has he spent it all on my strength is my weakness ads? You know, the ones where Rahm's wearing a sweater and trying to smile. Heh, heh...

The man with the plan.
Well, those became laughing stock, so Axelrod's new ads will attack Chuy for not having a financial plan for the city. Almost laughable when you think about the state of the city's affairs under the current and previous mayor.

The Sun-Times Mark Brown has drunk the kool-aid:
If you were going to draw up a list of what Mayor Rahm Emanuel has done right and wrong over the past four years, his overall handling of city finances would have to go in the plus column.
What? Of course Brown gives no evidence to back up his silly statement.

Does he mean?...
  • Millions of taxpayer dollars to build new arena for DePaul. 
  • Tax breaks for the wealthiest and the big corporations. 
  • Hidden taxes through red-light cameras in poor communities. 
  • Unlawful pension busting and shorting the pension fund year after year.
  • Replacing well-paying union jobs with minimum-wage jobs.
  • Shifting city resources from the neighborhoods to downtown.
  • Closing neighborhood schools. 
  • Closing neighborhood health clinics. 
  • TIF money going to corporate pals.
  • Sending the city into massive debt which has destroyed its credit rating.
  • The so-called "infrastructure trust" handouts to his banker pals. 
Whatever Mayor Garcia does on this, he can only go up. It's like taking over as manager of the Cubs. Rahm's revenue and regressive taxing approach has driven the city's economy into the dumper. If Rahm goes there, he will only be picking up a rock to drop on his own foot.

And besides -- how can a guy who just blew millions on failed campaign ads and is begging rich friends for millions more, say anything about anyone else's financial plan? 


  1. Your bulletpoint would make for an excellent Chuy campaign commercial, Mike.
    Send it on in!

  2. Let's not forget the bonds he has floated that his kids ( if they're not mugged too often) will have to pay in the future.. He has never balanced the budget...he just says he has. It reminds me of how Rauner, who has 9 homes and spends thousands on a bottle of wine, portrays himself as fiscally responsible.


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