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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Trailing in polls but still standing

Latest Ogden/Fry polls
Conventional wisdom is that undecideds usually do not break for a well-known incumbent. Garcia seems to hold around a 6% (53%-47%) advantage with the undecided voters at this point. -- Capitol Fax

Chuy finally gets some money to do a new TV ad. Not bad...


  1. when they say chuy holds a 6 percent advantage, does that mean overall--ie, chuy wins the election if the undecideds break in as they do conventionally??? or do they mean just a 6 percent advantage of the undecideds???? i.e., chuy wins 53-47 of the 16 percent undecided???

  2. I think they mean an advantage among the undecideds (which way they are leaning according to the pollsters). I'm not sure exactly what that means either or if any of this is all that significant at this juncture.


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