Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Run out of L.A. under a cloud, Deasy lands a job with Eli Broad.

I knew John Deasy would land on his feet after being run out of  L.A.U.S.D. under a cloud of suspicion.

He usually stays one step ahead of the law by running to the Gates Foundation for cover. But The Man From Gates is now the Man From Broad. Deasy has landed a job at billionaire Eli Broad's Center for the Management of School Systems, where he will serve as a consultant and superintendent-in-residence for the Broad Academy, the center's training and coaching program for urban public education leaders.

Lord help the school district that hires any of his mentees.

His attempt to put iPads in the hands of all 650,000 students under what was once a $1-billion plan is currently being investigated by the FBI. Agents last month subpoenaed records pertaining to the process that picked Apple to supply devices and Pearson to create educational software. The documents are to be reviewed by a federal grand jury. And L.A. Unified's inspector general is completing an assessment of the bidding process at the request of the Board of Education.

Deasy leaves behind a computer system, MiSiS, which continues to cause problems for the fiscally strapped school system. Fixing the program, which bumbled records and put students in the wrong classes when it launched in August, threatens to cost four times more than its original price tag of $25 million.

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