Monday, April 8, 2013


Just in case BBB's hearing problems are ongoing, this weekend's Quotables are all from Lauren Fitzpatrick's excellent reporting on the school-closing hearings in Chicago. 

Alida Diaz, a bilingual teacher at King Elementary School shares her concerns about school closings at the first Chicago Public School hearings for the school, April 6, 2013 at Whitney Young High School. King Elementary School with close into Jensen Elementary. | Jessica Koscielniak ~ Sun-Times
Nikkitoya Roberts one of the mothers who said her special-needs son is better since he got into Buckingham. 
“He’s more acclimated there than he’s been anywhere,” she said. “Those kids are going to have to start all over.” 
Jocelyn Alvarez, a King 6th-grader
“The walk to Jensen school is dangerous and scary."
Dwayne Truss of the Austin Community Action Council, boycotting the hearings. 
“Why show up?” 

Keyanna Gunnell
Keyanna Gunnell, a 13-year-old 7th-grader whose testimony about friends not having transportation to the new, more distant school, led her to tears. Her crying cost her another minute. The hearing leaders were firm: Two minutes a speaker. Afterward, a calmer Gunnell was angry. She had a paragraph left and no one else was waiting to speak, she said.
“It wasn’t fair.” 

CPS Liar-in-Chief, Becky Carroll 
"The hearings went off without problems"


  1. If you are giving public at a public hearing and you are "the public", demand your public input, demand not to be rudely and curtly cut off. Continue on and dare them to not listen to the public they serve, telling them that if they continue to cut you off they are not doing their job and they need to resign immediately. Hand them a piece of paper for their resignation!

  2. Also--what happened to mic checking? Would have helped Keyanna if audience members kept getting up and yelling something like, "You made her cry." Repeatedly. And loudly. How about, "The walk to Jensen School is dangerous and scary." Over and over and over again.
    My understanding is that there was ONE police officer at the Songhai-Curtis hearing. If that's the case for the rest of these, well, then...


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