Tuesday, January 8, 2013

An opportunist mayor compares teachers union with the NRA

Bloomberg's anti-union rant. (Daily News)
“Teachers want to work with the best, and most of them are not in sympathy with the union,” he said on Friday. “…The NRA’s another place where the membership, if you do the polling, doesn’t agree with the leadership.” -- Mayor Bloomberg
Remember back in '04 when Bush's Sec. of Education Rod Paige was calling the teachers union, a "terrorist organization"? Now N.Y. Mayor Bloomberg is playing the same anti-union card, comparing the teachers union with the NRA.  Is anyone buying this crap?

Opportunist Bloomberg is trying to ride the Newtown school shootings to bolster his plummeting ratings the same way that his predecessor Rudy Giuliani rode the post-9/11 hysteria to carve out a new consulting career for himself.  MB knows that being against the NRA in New York City is like being against hemorrhoids. But the only thing the NRA and UFT have in common is three initials.

Billionaire Bloomberg would have us believe that the majority of New York teachers support him in current negotiations over teacher evaluations, rather than their own union. He sounds a lot like the deluded Rahm Emanuel on the eve of last year's Chicago teachers strike.

Of course, Randi Weingarten is no Karen Lewis. Here Randi offers the mayor a mild scold and ever so politely, asks him for an apology.

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