Monday, December 10, 2012


Sen. Jacqueline Collins
"I voted against restoring Tamms' funding, and I urge the governor to proceed in closing this troubled and controversial facility, transferring its inmates to other prisons and respecting their human rights through responsible correctional practices." -- Chicago Reporter
Chicago teacher Michael Doyle
“I’m a teacher. I’m a parent. So I understand this game. When I hear this word utilization, I’ve never heard that word used before in education.”  -- Sun-Times
 Kelly High School parent Anita Caballero
“I keep hearing about more charters. How about us not closing schools? How about keeping neighborhood schools open and giving them the resources they need, like counselors, nurses, better teachers, after-school programs, reading and math help?” -- Sun-Times
Duncan claims a shortage of good parents
 "I wish we had more demand. I wish we had a lot more parents ... demanding a world-class education—not just on the policy side, but on the advocacy side."  -- EdWeek
Paul Krugman
 "If Obama really does make this deal [on Medicare], there will be hell to pay." -- NYT


  1. Unfortunately Mr. Krugman is wrong - Obama and the Dems can sell out their constituencies with abandon and fully expect to be supported by them with money and votes the next election cycle because the alternative is "unthinkable."

    Until progressives began to hold their politicians to account, no matter WHO is running against them, and demand support for important policies - like supporting Social Security and Medicare, supporting union worker rights, supporting public education - we're going to continue to see sell-outs from the corporate-funded Dems.

  2. exactly. Why doesn't Duncan ask "good" parents what they want for their kids? I doubt any would say large classes, temp teachers, online classes and weeks of test prep.


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