Thursday, December 27, 2012

Really, Gallup Poll?

The latest Gallup Poll shows 54% of Americans supporting the NRA. But remember, these are the same guys who polled Romney winning the presidential election 51% to Obama's 46%. I think they must just poll the same people over and over again, ending up with the same result.

Under the bus?

Environmentalists I know were really looking forward to Obama's second term. This was supposed to be the four years, free from re-election pressures, where he and his EPA chief Lisa Jackson were going to sock it to 'em.  But now that Jackson, among the last of the first-term progressives, has announced her resignation, these same folks are wondering whether she was thrown under the bus or just became so frustrated with the Obama team's surrender to the polluters, that she gave up the ship. Or maybe, as she tells the Post, she just wanted to go back to New Jersey.  Jackson is being replaced for now by Deputy Administrator Bob Perciasepe, a move that makes the White House team whiter than ever.
Sen. David Vitter (La.), the top Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said Thursday he would seek a more business-friendly nominee to run the agency. “Moving forward I’ll be working with my colleagues in the Senate to make sure the new nominee is thoroughly vetted, puts sound scientific standards above political ideology and understands that EPA’s avalanche of regulations can crush the growth of American businesses,” he said in a statement.
Who will Defend Rahm?

Now that the entire labor movement is after Rahm for his union-busting policies, the only ones left to come to his defense are the far-right. Jumping all over the SEIU for its push-back campaign against Rahm's anti-unionism, is none other than Breitbart -- yes I know he's dead, but his support for the mayor radiates from the grave.

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