Monday, August 13, 2012


Thousands of union members and workers rallied in Philadelphia's Center City Saturday afternoon. While labor is obviously supporting Obama's candidacy, the rally hit at anti-union policies of both parties including the holding of the Democratic Convention in anti-union North Carolina.
Rick Smith, CWA activist
"This is much like the tea party started out to be, These are people who are tired of being screwed over." -- Daily Times
 AFL-CIO Pres, Richard Trumka 
"Anyone who says America can't afford retirement security, or health care, or decent pay for honest work, or great schools, or a postal service, or cops or firefighters and teachers and nurses, well they don't know what they're talking about and we won't accept their defeatism!" -- The Mercury
Columnist Eric Zorn
Jesus Christ is said to have fed multitudes with a handful of loaves and fishes. CPS CEO  Jean-Claude Brizard is planning to lengthen the school day for multitudes with a similarly minuscule deployment of new resources. -- Chicago Tribune 
Charter school cheaters 
"We are a corporation that is winding down and we are not required to provide that information to you," said Crescendo board member Donna Jones. -- L.A. Times

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