Wednesday, August 22, 2012

EdWeek notices SOS

Thanks EdWeek, for noticing the SOS convention. But why all the focus on divisions or on Bob George's  day job, which the article calls a "point of contention"?  It isn't? Bob, like most of SOS' leadership, was elected by a vote of the members. What company volunteers work for isn't an issue for EdWeek to gossip about. Shame on them.

Do they do this with other reform groups?  If you want to talk about who works for who, let's take another look at who underwrites specific EdWeek articles -- Gates, Broad, other power philanthropists. Is this ethical journalism?

Sawchuck shares the bi-line but this is really just a rehash of Heitin's earlier piece. It even lifts quotes from old posts. Still comparing turnout between last year's march and the convention? Why? What's the point? Also, that old quote about Deb Meier's hesitance on fund raising is way outdated. Deb now serves on the SOS Steering Committee and has been actively raising support for the young organization.

Yes, thanks for noticing.


  1. Is there any place Gates leaves alone to report without consideration of his brass knuckles "philanthropy"? I hear he went as far as giving money to American Federation of teachers for "collaboration".
    Uggh is n understatement of how I feel about the Gates Foundation assault on the regulatory system which convicted his Microsoft illegal conduct as a monopoly. He never accepted it, instead he is granting himself a monopoly on education policy. If he only listened to his father! "With money comes responsibility"... Not the love and a reshape of tarnished image.

  2. Has SOS attempted to actively reach out to faculty in higher ed? We share similar concerns and I think it's time the professoriate joined forces with K12 educators, Re: How the American University was Killed in 5 Easy steps:

  3. In answer to your question, Mike, we did a huge series earlier this year on "other reform groups" and their connections. Sorry you missed it.

    Also, let me just point out the proper spelling of my last name: One 'c'.


    Stephen Sawchuk

  4. Stephen,
    Deepest apologies for misspelling your name. But that's it. Your response to my critique of your SOS coverage wasn't a response at all. Of course you covered different reform groups. I read the attached piece and linked to it on two occasions. But it was far different from the way you wrote about SOS. Please reconsider the critical comments I and others made more carefully.


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