Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quotable Yong Zhao

To be globally competitive, we should all begin to use chopsticks because chopsticks produce better education outcomes as measured by the international gold standard of education the OECD’s PISA, which tests 15 year olds in math, reading, and sciences, and TIMSS, which assess 9-10 and 13-14 year olds math and science abilities. The top five performers in the 2009 PISA math (Shanghai, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Japan) all use chopsticks, so do the top five in TIMSS math in 2007 (Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong), in 2003, and 1999. And PISA and TIMSS scores are what drive nations’ economic growth and back their global competitiveness.  -- Dr.Yong Zhao

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  1. Mike
    Yong Zhao was a guest speaker at a GEM/PAA "It's Time to Change the Stakes" in NYC in October. If you want quotes, we have quotes. Here are 2 links to the videos.


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