Friday, August 31, 2012

Media's take on CTU strike

"Enough is enough. We're done."

CTU President Karen Lewis has become something of a hero to teachers who are frustrated with recent policy directives such as evaluations and pay based partly on student test-score growth, turnarounds based on school closures, and charter conversions. Some of those teachers believe that the national teachers' unions have been too willing to compromise with management and other powerful interests on these issues. -- Stephen Sawchuk
CBS News
As the clock ticks down to a looming Chicago teachers strike, could the man in charge of the school district be on his way out? CPS CEO Jean-Claude Brizard says he's not going anywhere, despite a report that his job may be in jeopardy. -- Ward Room
Some 700 Chicago Teachers Union delegates thundered “aye” Thursday after CTU President Karen Lewis put forward a motion to set Monday, Sept. 10 -- the beginning of the second week of school for most kids -- as a strike date. The union hall fell silent as Lewis asked for “nay” votes, observers said.  The sentiment on the floor and in schools, Lewis told reporters afterwards, was: “Enough is enough. We’re done." -- Fran Spielman and Ros Rossi
Dallas Star-Telegram
Much of the teachers' frustration has centered on Mayor Rahm Emanuel, who rescinded a 4 percent raise last year and then tried to go around the union in his push for a longer school day by asking teachers at individual schools to waive the union contract to work more hours. The Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board subsequently blocked Emanuel's negotiations with schools. -- AP Wire
Chicago Tribune 
Mayor Rahm Emanuel is considered a man of iron will who has a deep commitment to reform. He should show it. Push ahead with Chicago Public School reforms and decertify the Chicago Teachers Union if necessary. -- Sean Kennedy
S-T Letters to Editor
Rahm Emanuel and Jean-Claude Brizard. Let me get this right, there has not been a Chicago Public Schools strike in 25 years; so what’s the common denominator here? Rahm Emanuel and Jean-Claude Brizard. Every day I’m rethinking my mayoral vote. It’s time for an elected school board. --  Linda Hudson, Avalon Park

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  1. Teachers everywhere had better get in line behind Karen Lewis rather than CorpoRandi
    if we want to stand up for our students, our profession, freedom of speech, freedom of thought and true democracy.


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