Wednesday, August 29, 2012

.4 bump in Chicago tests scores 'phenomenal' says Brizard

Dizzy with success
While Rahm and Brizard become delirious over a slight bump in ACT scores, Bob Schaeffer helps us understand why, "the stagnant trend in ACT college readiness scores just released is yet another piece of evidence that test-driven K-12 education in the U.S. is a sweeping, expensive failure."

According to the Sun-Times, Chicago’s average ACT score "soared" to its highest level in at least 11 years, jumping from 17.2 last year to 17.6. That’s still well shy of the 18 generally considered minimally acceptable and the 20 CPS officials have used as a goal.
Emanuel called the scores "great news," while his Schools CEO Jean-Claude Brizard said the growth was “phenomenal.” Brizard added, “I won’t take credit. It belongs to my teachers and principals.’’ -- Sun-Times
Thanks for reiterating the obvious J.C.

Neither Rahm nor Brizard everr mentioned the widening of the so-called "achievement gap" among white, Hispanic and African-American students. The percentage of white students who met or exceeded standards on the PSAE was 44.6 points higher than African-Americans and 32.2 points higher then Hispanics.

CTU V.P. Jesse Sharkey couldn't resist:
“Wow. If they are getting record success, why do we need a longer day?’’ asked Sharkey, among the CTU officials now negotiating a new contract with the district. “Now it turns out, before we had all these changes, we were actually improving at a record pace."
Schaeffer sums it up nicely:
But ACT averages for the high school class of 2012 (see chart below) show that neither of these predictions is close to becoming true. Overall ACT test scores are unchanged since 2008. Gaps between white and Asian American students, on the one hand, and African American, Hispanic and Native American, on the other, have grown slightly larger. Clearly current K-12 policies are not working. -- The Answer Sheet

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  1. Just learned today at my school staff meeting that ACT and Prairie State are out the window by 2014 anyways. ACT will revert back to being a test students pay for optionally and take on a Saturday. The new test will be the parcc assessment. info here:
    Supposedly Illinois has asked for a waiver from the Feds to be off probation during this time period between tests, and then we start anew with parcc, common core, etc... I am signing anonymous because I dont have google


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