Friday, June 1, 2012

Thieves fall out over Springfield pension heist

The great Illinois state pension robbery has been foiled, at least for now, as thieving political bosses Madigan and Cross fought over how to divvy up the loot past the deadline for the bill's passage. According to one report:
The pension plan began listing badly around mid-day Thursday after Madigan indicated he wouldn’t support it. He and Cross were dug in on an ideological dispute over whether suburban and Downstate school districts should partly relieve the state of the funding load for teacher and administrator pensions.
But all was not lost for the thieves and their patrons. The Senate was able to pass a gambling bill pushed by Rahm Emanuel, that would pave the way for Chicago casinos. The lesson here is that there's plenty to go around if everyone plays nice.


  1. Good post.

    We appear to be a state so utterly incapable of raising a fair, progressive tax that we are reduced to looking for revenue from smokers, gamblers, and possibly couch potatoes (satellite tv tax). We may as well tax bananas, given the kind of republic we're becoming.

  2. Tim,
    Sounds like a Beatles song. Tax everybody and everything except your wealthy patrons. Sell off everything that's not nailed down, including schools, parking spaces, Skyway, parks, jails... Take you cut and then walk away with job at the law firm that swung the deal or the University of Chicago, or White House.


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