Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Strange reform???

Of course it's possible that Rossi got the story wrong, but does anyone else think this is a strange reform of CPS anti-bullying policy?
Other elements of the new CPS Student Code of Conduct include allowing in-school suspensions to be used as an alternative, or in combination with, out-of-school suspensions, and lowering the automatic minimum penalty for the most serious offenses, including murder and arson, from 10 days out of school to five days in or out of school.  -- Chicago Sun-Times
I mean I support the idea of alternatives to out-of-school suspension and am totally against so-called Zero Tolerance policies. But I think 10-day suspension isn't too harsh a penalty for MURDER!


  1. See. This is a good math lesson. On the one hand, five days instead of ten days for murder is a 50% reduction. A 50% reduction seems like a lot, even for murder and arson. But the difference between five days and ten days is only five days. And that seems like a little for murder and arson. So now we can compare using percentages as opposed to raw numbers and learn something about the use of statistics. Then there is the whole issue of whether murder and arson in CPS is so common that we need a policy. Thanks for bringing this up, bro.

  2. I think you should get a 10-day suspension for murder and only 5 for arson. 15 days if you murder someone in an arson fire.

  3. It also says, ...principals would have to keep working with all parties until “the situation is resolved,’’ including until “the target reports feeling safe and is interacting civilly with the perpetrator’’

    Why is the onus of civility only on the "target" and not the perpetrator?


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