Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Change.Org dumps Rhee, Edelman

 Here's a video about the petition drive that led to dumping Rhee & Edelman

In response to an avalanche of protest, Change.Org, a progressive online website that enables activist groups to generate petition-based campaigns, has dropped two anti-union clients, Michelle Rhee's StudentsFirst, and Jonah Edelman's Stand For Children. The move comes in the wake of a massive, angry response following Change.Org's circulation of a petition disparaging the Chicago Teachers Union and its members who voted overwhelming to give their union the authority to strike. The relationship with union-haters Rhee and Edelman was attacked  as a violation of Change's supposed progressive orientation.

Chicago teacher, Jennifer Johnson (Huffington got her name wrong and calls her Jennifer Jones) deserves lots of credit for initiating the protest with a petition which drew thousands of signatures.

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