Monday, December 20, 2010


Linda Darling-Hammond
While students in the highest-achieving states and districts in the United States do as well as their peers in the high achieving nations, our continuing comfort with profound inequality is the Achilles' heel of American Education. ("Soaring Systems"--American Educator)
Bill Ayers
So join me in a resolution for 2011: Say goodbye to complacency in a heartless world, to deference, didacticism, ego and the need to always be right, goodbye to prisons and border guards and walls—whether in Palestine or in Texas—and goodbye to quarantines, deletions, and closures.  Goodbye to all that. (At the End of the Decade)
Jose Vilson
What hurt the most about the discussion around the DREAM Act is that this is as much an education bill as it is an immigration bill, and the implications for our country’s classroom ring loudly from coast to coast.  (DREAM Act: I Know God Has My Back)
Carlos Saavedra (United We Dream Network)
“We have woken up. We are going to go around the country letting everybody know who stands with us and who stood against us.” (Immigration Vote Leaves Obama’s Policy in Disarray--NYT)

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  1. Thanks for this, Mike. Great collection of quotes here, and plenty to read.


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