Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ren10 has failed, so...

Here's more of the same

No sooner had the Tribune published another report showing Chicago Mayor Daley's Renaissance 2010 school-closing plan to be a bust, than the board announced the closing of 14 more schools. Among the schools slated to be closed are Wendell Phillips and John Marshall High Schools. Phillips will be turned over to AUSL, a private management company. Marshall, will once again be "turned around" by the CPS central office.
Marshall, home to the winningest basketball coach in state history -- girls coach Dorothy Gaters -- has been through its share of fixes. In 2000, it was "re-engineered.'' By 2006, Lane Tech Principal Keith Foley -- whom CPS officials touted as a "superstar''-- was sent in as a principal mentor. At the time, 15 percent of kids were passing state tests. The pass rate has since plunged to 3.9 percent. (Chicago Sun-Times)

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