Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My campaign is over before it has even begun

Betti Cadmus and her book-banning board members in Menifee Union School Dist. undercut my campaign by putting Webster's Dictionary back on the shelves. I didn't even have a chance to send her our list of dirty words culled from Webster's soiled pages. But don't fret wing-nuts. Betti and the gang are allowing parents to have their kids read another version of the dictionary (presumably cleaner). Maybe we should start looking through the Oxford Dictionary. Yes! there it is: ORAL SEX.

I hope my blogs on this topic weren't responsible for Menifee's retreat. I was hoping a banning of the dictionary would increase readership and boost student test scores. Fortunately for them, board members aren't tested.


  1. I have to disagree that this would somehow increase student test scores. I do think that this situation can and will make parents more aware and involved in what their children are exposed to. As a teacher, it makes me more aware of what I expose to my students in specific assignments.

  2. Of course I was kidding about test scores Caitlin.


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