Thursday, January 7, 2010


What's happened to N.Y. small schools movement?
“The bureaucratic proliferation of small schools feels more like a management strategy,” said Michelle Fine, a Distinguished Professor of Urban Education at the City University of New York and longtime small schools supporter. (Neighborhood Beat Box)
Failed two classes
"Not only did the Bloomberg/Klein machine fail math, but they fail basic human decency." (Alan Singer at Huffington)
Charter schools--public or private?

A federal appeals court has ruled that an Arizona charter school is not a "state actor" for purposes of federal civil rights law.
"Horizon is a private entity that contracted with the state to provide students with educational services that are funded by the state," Judge Sandra Ikuta explained. "Ultimately, Horizon's actions and personnel decisions were 'made by concededly private parties, and turn[ed] on judgments made by private parties without standards established by the state,'" Ikuta added, citing Supreme Court precedent. (Courthouse News Service)

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