Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Look who's bidding to run L.A. schools

It's none other than Paul Vallas' consulting firm, Synesi Assoc., bidding to run 35 (formerly) public schools. Former Daley-appointed schools CEO in Chicago, Vallas got booted in 2001. He then journeyed to Philly where he brought in Synesi as subcontractors under Princeton Review's contract with the district, before leaving with the district in economic shambles. Then he took over post-Katrina New Orleans schools where he abrogated the union contract and fired every teacher in the city. He then sub-contracted with Synesi to consult with 35 city schools.

Synesi describes itself as a "a boutique consulting firm." It's run by several of Vallas' old cronies like Gary Solomon and former intervention chief Phil Hanson, from the Chicago district who market Vallas' management talents with first-time-free consults, while feathering a nest for him once he leaves N.O.
Synesi Foundation is the non-profit arm of Synesi Associates, a school-management consulting firm based in Illinois. Gary Solomon, president of Synesi Associates, said his organization bid on all but one of the 36 schools as a way of developing a relationship with LAUSD, but ultimately may withdraw the bids and work with the district through other means. (Daily News)
Readers may recall my previous posts on how Synesi and Vallas moved on Rockford, Illinois.

Here's the list of bidders wishing to take over LAUSD schools. What's really funny (sad) is that even other California school districts are now bidding to run L.A. schools.

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