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Monday, November 30, 2009


Louisiana teachers need help, not blame, says union head
"Our evaluation systems don't work," [AFT Pres. Randi] Weingarten said. She asked teachers how many of them had been subjected to so-called "drive-by" evaluations where someone comes in your room for 15 minutes with a checklist." Dozens of teachers raised their hands. (NOLA.com)
L.A.'s bewildering web of "choice" schools
Parent Lisa Polydoros wasn't sure how charter schools work -- and no charter representative was on hand to clarify the matter. "I've been in the system all my life," she said, "and it's still confusing." (Howard Blume, L.A. Times)
If schools are now centers for social services...
"If basic needs are not met, children cannot learn," said Karen Thompson, a guidance counselor at Guilford Elementary School in Sterling. "If we have children coming to school hungry, that is our first concern. We also have to make sure they have shoes, warm clothing. Have they slept? Do they have a place to live?" (WaPo)
...what happens to poor communities when thousands are closed, Arne Ducan?

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