Monday, November 23, 2009

While N.Y inner-city schools struggle for survival...

From New York Magazine:

"Ross Global, Courtney Ross’s new charter school, is holistic, organic, Ayurvedic, artistic, and evolutionary. But when you’re building an educational Utopia, there are going to be some casualties."
For four-plus years, charter schools have been Chancellor Joel Klein’s most pampered pet cause. And now, after considerable hoo-ha in the press, a unique and controversial example of the genre had unpacked itself in his own ground floor.
h/t Brother Fred


  1. What's the problem? We have a big need here in Brooklyn for an Ayurvedic school. What do you say Mayor Bloomberg?

  2. I liked how the author of the article tried to describe Ross:

    "...more than a dilettantish dunderhead with a vanity institute...

    Dilettantish dunderhead.


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