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Friday, November 13, 2009

Brit teachers call for smaller schools

Inspired by U.S. Small Schools Movement

The BBC reports:
These "front-line" opinions from young teachers in tough schools include the view that big schools should be re-designed to give them the "characteristics of smallness"... But the trend has been for a reduction in the number of small secondary schools - falling by 43% since 1995 to 156... The report also calls for more collaboration between urban schools, suggesting that three or four schools could become partners and share teaching expertise.

The idea that learning is more effective in smaller school settings has been championed in the United States with the "small schools movement".


  1. @mikeklonsky I wish that was still happening; the bbc article is from 2007! Unfortunately schools are only getting bigger over here :-(

  2. @Elenieth Thanks, of course you r right. It was linked to this current BBC piece. http://bit.ly/1W2YBx


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