Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rhee wants 'lifelong' test takers

H/t to skoolboy for finding this great quote from D.C. Chancellor Michelle Rhee (how the hell did I miss this one?). Rhee says that her Saturday Scholars Program (more drill and kill/time-on-task, on the weekends for all those kids "on the cusp of proficiency") will instill "lifelong testing competence." Says Aaron Pallas at Gotham Schools: "This is a quote from Chancellor Rhee right from the press release—you can’t make this stuff up."

Gates $$$ dragging S.C. vouchers back from the grave

Just when you thought the school vouchers issue was put to bed when the neocons were given the boot last November 4th, here comes the world's richest man ready to do CPR. In South Carolina, the Gates Foundation has rushed in where even Republican presidential candidates feared to tread. Democratic State Sen. Robert Ford's (not the guy who shot Billy the Kid) so-called Education Opportunity Act, a voucher bill, has found an angel in Bill Gates. Ford's other big piece of legislation is a bill aimed at outlawing profanity.

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  1. I'm 70. How many more tests does Chancellor Rhee expect me to take?


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