Monday, March 30, 2009


16,000 charters?

Philanthro-capitalist, short-seller, and former AIG boss, Eli Broad, is interviewed in Forbes Magazine:

In the last 10 years, we've [The Eli Broad Foundation] done a lot in training superintendents. Bill Clinton told me when he was governor 16 years ago there was one charter school. Now there are 16,000. Now we have districts offering teachers bonus pay for improved student achievement. Things are improving.

Eli, do your homework before you speak. There are approximately 4,500 charter schools in the U.S.--not 16,000. Better redo your business plan.

Mike Petrilli vs. the Klonsky brothers ("I'm no Limbaugh")

I want to like the education stimulus package. I really do. Regardless of what the Klonsky brothers might tell you, I’m no Rush Limbaugh, hoping for President Obama’s policies to fail. I’d love to see the cause of education reform accelerated as a result of the influx of federal funds. But I’m increasingly convinced that this entire exercise is going to end in a quagmire, or worse. (Fred Klonsky's blog)
Fred, did you say Petrilli was a Limbaugh?

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  1. No. I called him "shameless."


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