Monday, February 16, 2009

What price academic freedom?

Closed parking lots at Georgia Southern

Bill Ayers was barred from speaking at Georgia Southern. The lame excuse the university gave was, “security costs.”

A spokesman for the university said that security would have cost $13,000 for the Ayers appearance and that several major parking lots would have been closed.

The Times’ Deborah Solomon (“Radical Cheer”) seems to have worked her way around the security problem with this Ayers interview. Does the Times building have free parking?

GW vs. MB

David Bloomfield posting on Presidents Day at NYC Public School Parents, compares the leadership styles of George Washington and Mayor Bloomberg.

The Mayor’s top-down approach is also well known, even to the point that his appointees to the city school board are removed if they oppose him and forbidden to speak publicly about their work.


Last week Bill Gates released a jar full of mosquitoes into the audience during a presentation about malaria. People in the audience haven’t slapped themselves this much since Gates released Windows Vista. (Weakly Humerus News)

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