Monday, February 2, 2009

Chicago's new schools CEO

He may not be an education leader, but he's the mayor’s man

From the Sun-Times, “Ron Huberman: The mayor’s man”:

"I have utmost faith in him," the mayor said. "I can go to sleep at night, just close my eyes. I don't have to worry about Ron Huberman."

As Daley’s Chief of Staff

"The FBI was raiding city offices," the former co-worker said. "Commissioners were being marched over to the grand jury. Had he not cleaned house, Huberman would have been the captain of a sinking ship. But he did it in a particularly harsh and brutal way that didn't leave people with much dignity."

His accountability plan– just like at the bus company

Already, he has drafted a plan to bolster school security and laid the groundwork to install -- first on the business side, then in the classroom -- the elaborate performance-evaluation system he used as the mayor's chief of staff and as CTA president. It produces a daily report to answer: "How'd we do yesterday?

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