Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Huberman's retreat

Six schools saved from closing

Chicago schools CEO, Ron Huberman walked into a buzzsaw last month, when he replaced Arne Duncan. Hundreds of angry parents and teachers hit him from day-one, protesting Daley/Duncan's arbitrary school-closing plan which has little to do with reform and much to do with neighborhood gentrification plans.

Yesterday, Huberman made a tactical retreat. He announced that he would spare 6 of the 22 schools slated for closing after reading some of his staff's notes about community anger. He also had to admit that schools like Peabody and Global Visions (a small school within Bowen High) were not "failing" at all, but actually on the upswing. Maybe Mr. Duncan can explain why these schools were slated for closing in the first place.

From the Sun-Times:

Huberman, appointed only last month, said he read staff notes about community comments at 22 public hearings in deciding whether to accept proposals by his predecessor, Arne Duncan, now U.S. education secretary. "The process worked. That's what public hearings are supposed to do,'' Huberman said.

But Huberman's concession hasn't succeeded in chilling opposition to the entire school closing plan.

Laura Ramirez, from the Education Rights Coalition and the Southwest Youth Collaborative, has called for protests and a "sleep-over" tonight at CPS headquarters. Here are the actions planned by the parents, and the Education Rights Coalition in conjunction with the Grassroots Education Movement:

Candle Light Vigil at the Board, TONIGHT, TUES, 7-9 PM, 125 S. Clark.

Sleep over at the Board to protest CPS/R2010 policies, 10PM- 5 AM (Tues-Wed)

Board Meeting tomorrow (Wed), 10:30 AM, 125 S. Clark

Rally and march to Thompson Center, 3:30 PM WED., 125 S. Clark

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