Friday, February 13, 2009

Bloomberg's "riot"

Is Mayor Bloomberg really calling on New Yorkers to “riot in the streets” if he loses power over the schools? LMAO.


Charter company launches attack on union drive

Anticipating new teacher union organizing efforts, the company that operates a chain of 12 Chicago charter schools has launched a preemptive strike. Chicago International is one of the charter management companies that was created specifically to get around the state’s cap on charter schools. They have partnered with Zion Lutheran Development in an attempt to expand into Rockford’s school district.

In a Sept.17 letter to Chicago International educators, Beth Purvis, executive director of Chicago International Charter Schools, wrote, “We realize that unions may have played an important role in schools across the country; however Chicago International’s position is that they are not necessary within our charter school and that unions may not have a positive impact on our mission.” (Medill Reports)

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