Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teachers' rights -- It's all PR to AR

I can't believe this guy may be heading for a top leadership job at the DOE. Read Rotherham on the struggle of teachers to organize a union at the N.Y. KIPP schools, and tell me if you've ever heard such empty blather.
Given the dynamics (this is about public relations more than substance since we’re talking about one school) it seems to me that it will be far more damaging for the teachers’ unions if KIPP walks away saying that this won’t work for them than if the union says KIPP won’t agree to their terms. After all, in the court of public opinion KIPP’s brand is a lot more powerful than the teachers’ union these days.
Public relations? KIPP's brand? What the hell is A.R. talking about--a new deodorant stick?

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