Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The insecurity of a nation

Like the '60s except no self-conscious anti-war movement. 
In a little over a year since the election of Trump, a dangerous feeling of national insecurity has spread across the land, despite the trend toward economic recovery. Gun violence, the rise of neo-fascism here and in Europe, and the growing threat of nuclear war have all contributed.

That national insecurity has been used by the regime to place the country on a war footing with Trump's appointment of John Bolton as his new security chief and Congress (with help from Democrats) passing a $1.3 trillion spending bill that includes more than $700 billion for the military-industrial complex, more upgraded nuclear missiles, warplanes and military bases.

Still no action on DACA.

Trump now wants Pentagon generals, already pissed off over the firing of H.R. McMaster, to show their gratitude by kicking back over $30B of that to pay for his border wall.

With the atomic clock edging closer to midnight, Cold War with Russia, trade war with China, and Bolton itching for pre-emptive strikes against Iran and North Korea, playing on this sense of growing national insecurity may be the only way out for Trump and the Republicans in the November elections.

There are still contradictory forces operating within and outside of the regime and both political parties. Bolton's influence shouldn't be overstated and he will still have to contend with Haley, Mattis and Pompeo for DT's ear.

But while many official Democrats and the labor aristocrats are still pushing "guns and butter" and hopelessly seeking a seat at Trump's table, a hopeful alternative national consciousness is emerging as the mass student protests against gun violence move towards a potential coalescing with Black Lives Matter youth and the emergent women's #Me2 movement.

Shades of the '60s? Maybe, but minus a self-conscious anti-war movement.

More positive signs ironically coming from an economically self-confident China, now tamping down the trade war threat and working along with South Korea to push diplomacy on the Korean peninsula. Xi Jinping's meeting with Kim jong un may force Trump's hand and lead him to negotiate with Kim. Let's hope.

Keep hope alive 'til November.


  1. Lets hope this movement is more successful than the 1060's-1070's war protests.

  2. You mean, when the Byzantine army defeated the Normans?


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