Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Big election wins in IL yesterday

Brandon Johnson on Hitting Left
Lots of big wins yesterday in IL. Congrats to Chuy, Brandon, Fritz, Delia, Aaron, Alma, Beatriz,  and the rest of the victorious, progressive, machine busters.

Also to Marie Newman who didn't win but ran a helluva race for congress against oinker incumbent Lipinski. He had big backing, not only from the rotten DCCC leadership, but from anti-abortion and anti-LGBTQ groups as well. Sad to lose a race so close.

Also a salute to progressive Dan Biss who finished second to billionaire Pritzker and ahead of Chris Kennedy, in the gov primary race. Now Dems have to somehow pull together, at least until November, to crush Rauner.

They have a great chance, riding the anti-Trump wave. Good sign yesterday was a huge increase in Democrat voter turnout while many Repugs stayed home.

Some of Team Newman
It was a good day for teachers, advocates of elective school board and for the CTU. Bad day for school privatizers. Although I didn't agree with all their choices, the unions showed their power by backing winners with nearly every endorsement. Big win especially for CTU organizer Brandon Johnson who battled his way to victory in county board race.

FRIDAY ON HITTING LEFT... Much more election stuff to talk about on Friday's Hitting Left with the Klonsky Bros.

TODAY AT NOON ON HITTING LEFT... Tune in to or listen on WLPN, 105.5 FM today at noon, for a special HL show. We're continuing our 1968 retrospective with guests Cha Cha Jiminez (Young Lords Organization), Billy Che Brooks (IL Black Panthers), and SDS veteran organizer Susan Klonsky.

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