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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Who is Muneer Satter and why is he throwing more money at Rahm?

Muneer Satter - Financial Times via Flickr.com
Muneer Satter, the man from Goldman Sachs
I could easily cross-post this at Schooling in the Ownership Society. I'll tell you why down below.

Greg Hinz at Crains describes how Rahm's hedge-fund patrons and those who are after more city contracts are over-stuffing the mayor's campaign war chest with more money than can possibly be spent in the short time remaining until election day. More importantly, they are also contributing to the climate of fear by promoting the racist notion that a Chuy Garcia victory on April 7th, will lead to Chicago becoming "Detroit" the following day.
Another check came from prominent GOP donor and investor Muneer Satter. He's given before and reportedly is quite a big Emanuel fan, but he accompanied this donation with a personal email that went to quite a few execs around town. The note says that Chicago is at a "critical" point and risks "becoming Detroit." It then goes on to urge recipients to vote and donate.
Who is Muneer Satter? Among other things, he's one of the creeps who ran Goldman Sachs. He's now the Chairman of Satter Investment Management LLC. He also serves as Chairman of Restorsea Holdings, LLC., Co-chairman of Aerpio Therapeutics, Inc., Co-Chairman at Akebia Therapeutics, Inc. and has been its Director since 2012. He has been a Co-Chairman and Lead Director of Vital Therapies, Inc..

Muneer's mansion. 
He's also Vice Chairman of the Board of the Goldman Sachs Foundation, GS Gives and the Satter Foundation. Oh, did I mention that he's on the Board of Trustees for Northwestern University?

In other words, Muneer is a player. He's also a Winnetka guy, like Rahm. He looks at Chicago from his suburban lakefront mansion.

As for his politics? Well let's just say he sits on the advisory board of the far-right American Enterprise Institute (AEI). He's Republican to the bone and was the finance chair of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign. You can immediately see his attraction for Rahm Emanuel.


“I recall when Harold Washington was mayor when Chuy was standing side-by-side with him. [People said,] `If you elect Harold Washington, First National Bank is going to leave.’ The very next day, the bank was still there;”  -- Former State Senate President, Emile Jones on his endorsement of Chuy Garcia for mayor. (Sun-Times)

A loser? You might ask. Maybe so. But Romney didn't lose for lack of money. It was his 1%er message plus the fact that people just didn't like his rich-boy style. Let's hope Satter has picked another one from the same mold, that he's throwing good money after bad, and that his racist "Detroit" fear mongering is exposed for what it is.

As to why this could have been appropriately posted at Schooling and the Ownership Society? Because, as you might have guessed,  Muneer Satter is also a big player in Chicago school privatization. His personal foundation gives millions to privately-run charter schools and he, along with the likes of The Civic Committee, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation to name but a few, are primary supporters of New Schools For Chicago, the organization that directs the school privatization efforts for the corporate reformers.

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  1. No More Than a ScoreMarch 12, 2015 at 5:30 AM

    The hell with Satter. Follow the real money. If you want to know why Republican billionaire Ken Griffin is dumping millions into Rahm's campaign war chest, look no further than the DePaul Arena/Marriott deal. Griffing stands to make another fabulous fortune on the deal.


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