Friday, March 20, 2015

This is too good. Rahm's 'audit' binders were a fake. Chuy was right.

Binders were a fake.
THIS IS TOO GOOD... Yesterday, a group of Rahm's lap-dog aldermen, Aldermen Brendan Reilly (42nd), Michele Smith (43rd) and Ameya Pawar (47th) along with City Clerk Susana Mendoza (legal?) tried to stage some political theater. They wheeled in a stack of binders, which they claimed were copies of the annual city audits to Garcia’s office, along with a calculator — "so he can get to work", they said.

But wait. Binders weren't the real deal.

Carol Marin writes:
Three aldermen and City Clerk Susana Mendoza put on a dog and pony show at City Hall Thursday, rolling out dollies loaded with big black binders full of “audits.” The goal of this show and tell? To defend Mayor Rahm Emanuel and to attack his challenger, Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. Except, if you look closely, you’ll find they were actually making Garcia’s point. 
Most of the audits, done by outside accounting firms, are little more than a balancing of government’s checkbooks. “These are financial audits that make sure the numbers add up, not whether the budgets are viable or the departments are performing well,” said 32nd Ward Alderman Scott Waguespack.
Marin also makes some good criticism of Garcia's weak response to Rahm's chicanery.


  1. YES, especially, to your last sentence. He has to start coming down hard on all the financial tomfoolery (the TIF & DePaul nonsense) while bringing in a cohesive plan (which is what he's being majorly criticized for). I'm afraid that commercial is preaching to the choir--the one about the school closings & the elected school board--that's a given--well-known. But--those who aren't of "the choir" don't read Joravsky or some of the "watchdog" articles or don't watch Marin on Chicago Tonight--so Garcia HAS to start talking about THOSE issues. (I hope the campaign organizers are reading your blog, Mike.) If he doesn't make everyone aware of what's been going on & what will happen if he doesn't win, he won't.

    1. who are you? It's like I have a twin! Exposure of the TIF swindle is paramount, but Garcia has to shine a light on all the senseless spending on things like fake brick crosswalks, planter medians and streetscaping that does little more than makes impediments to traffic with concrete, all total wastes of taxpayer money to install, and then to maintain.

  2. The question Anon, is who are you?


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