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Monday, March 30, 2015


Last night's Chuy rally at the Alhambra
Events around town have us Chuy Garcia supporters feeling hopeful. Last night we packed the Alhambra, scene of our Feb. 24th victory party, for a festive fund-raiser with Rapper Rhymefest, Indian/reggae-influenced group Funkadesi, folk ensemble Sones de Mexico, Shirley King, Billy Branch, El DJ Rebel X, the Janes, comedian Jaime de Leon and others.

A chorus of boos seems to follow Rahm everywhere he travels, on the south and west sides.

Chuy with Timuel and Zenobia Black
OGDEN/FRY POLLS are a joke once again. They show massive swings in just 24 hours (Rahm drops 10 points from March 27th to 28th. Chuy drops 7. Is that even possible without a major scandal or big news event? Once again, O/F under-counts Latinos.
According to the data from March 27, Emanuel led with 57.9 percent, and Garcia followed with 41.2. On March 28, Emanuel's 47.6 percent outpaced Garcia (34.2) by about 13 points. Voters who responded "undecided" accounted for 18.3 percent the March 28 poll. --  DNAInfo
Why does S-T and DNA take them seriously?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS is coming to town this week to endorse Chuy.
Sanders, 73, pointed out the fact that Emanuel’s campaign is financed by the very “oligarchy” of millionaires and billionaires the senator sees as the scourge of American democracy.

Ladies and gentleman, this is how you make an entrance ... #chuy2015
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