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Monday, March 2, 2015

WEEKEND QUOTABLES: The Return of 'Rahmner'

Does mayoral runoff mean return of 'Rahmner?' -- Natasha Korecki
Ald. Rick Munoz
“Rauner and Rahm are drinking buddies, They’re wine-tasting buddies. They vacation together. I mean, who vacations with someone that you’re going to call out for cutting social services? Chicago is a beer-and-brats kind of town, — not a cheese-and-wine kind of town.” -- Sun-Times
Fran Spielman
An angry union that felt provoked into a strike. Financial problems so massive and long-festering, they were a set-up for a one-termer. Black voters who turned on a mayor they helped put in office after a mayoral decision that felt like a slap in the face. A reluctant and under-funded mayoral challenger whose charisma seems to grow with the movement he was drafted to lead against a wounded incumbent with money to burn who loves to play on the national stage. 
Thirty-two years ago, Harold Washington became Chicago’s first African-American mayor on the strength of all of those factors and more. -- Sun Times
NPR's Scott Simon interview with Carol Marin
SIMON: Only 34 percent of the voters went to the polls this week. Isn't that usually the kind of election in which a well-financed campaign with a good ground campaign is supposed to win?
MARIN: That's the way it's been rigged for years. For years, the reason Chicago had a municipal election - not a primary - and put it in February when people were too frozen to leave their homes was to guarantee the installation - or reinstallation - of the incumbent. So this goes against all of that conventional wisdom. -- NPR
NEA Pres. Lily Eskelsen Garcia
"We have a chance to get it right. It's been wrong for 13 long years. We have kids who started in kindergarten and are now seniors in high school who have known nothing but No Child Left Untested." -- Melissa Haris-Perry, MSNBC

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