Monday, February 23, 2015


New York Principal Carol Burris
The bizarre notion that subjecting 9-year-olds to hours of high-stakes tests is a “civil right,” is embedded in the thinking of both parties. -- The Answer Sheet
Joan McRobbie Senior Associate, CTAC 
But with rising inequality, reality is making a comeback. Many voices are re-asserting that it's not an excuse but a necessity to acknowledge that out-of-school factors associated with poverty affect school performance. -- Huffington
FOX News host  Lisa “Kennedy” Montgomery
 “There really shouldn’t be public schools, should there? -- MSNBC
Noam Chomsky
 First of all, you don’t have to assess people all the time… People don’t have to be ranked in terms of some artificial [standards]. The assessment itself is completely artificial.  -- Creative by Nature

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  1. ...& there really shouldn't be any Fox News "reporters," should there?


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