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Friday, February 6, 2015

Sun-Times backs Rahm toadies in 4th, 35th & 37th

noun --  a person who behaves obsequiously to someone important.
synonyms: sycophant, brown-noser, lickspittle, flatterer, flunky, lackey, trained seal, doormat, stooge, cringer; informalbootlicker, suck-up, yes-man; vulgar slang: kiss-ass, ass-kisser
Ald. Rey Colon, busted for DUI
Brother Fred can't help but chuckle over the Sun-Times endorsement of Rahm's toady Alderman Rey Colon over progressive, Carlos Rosa in the 35th. Neither can I. He says:
 I read this as the Sun-Times saying, sure, Rey Colon is unresponsive tool of developers and a serial drunk driver, but Carlos Rosa will defend our pensions and oppose the city adding additional tax burdens on the working people in our neighborhood. And he has a history of fighting for immigrant rights. So we endorse Colon.
Our guy, Carlos Rosa in the 35th
Seems like a pattern here. Just look at their endorsement of Rahm's toady in the 4th Ward, Will Burns:
Burns has two opponents, the most impressive of whom is Norman Bolden. They remind voters what Burns needs to work on: He can be arrogant, not listen closely enough to community concerns and is often tightly aligned with the mayor.
Hmm, says the S-T Board. Arrogant? Doesn't listen to the community? Sounds like our kind of guy.

Or how about in the 37th where S-T endorses Emma Mitts, the incumbent who backed the building of a new Noble St. Charter School right across the street from Prosser Career Academy. S-T editors say Mitts is, "a generally passive alderman, inclined to follow the leader". Just what we need, right?

And besides, her opponent, progressive community activist, Tara Stamps, "has high ideals and real fire." So naturally, we'll go with Mitts.

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  1. How about adding, Sun-Times endorses...Rahm!


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