Friday, February 25, 2011

It's not just about unions...

When the prankster called Gov. Walker and mentioned "special interests" the governor didn't flinch. He didn't have to be told in whose interests he was working. David Koch had bankrolled his campaign and contributed over $1 million to the Wisconsin Governor's Assoc. The Koch-funded Wisconsis T-Party were his campaign workers.

Walker's pay-back: The gov's bill gives him power to sell off state-owned power plants to Koch Bros. in no-bid contract at any price.
Shock troops: Faced with no-let-up protests against the union-busting bill by teachers and public workers, the Koch Bros. are mobilizing their T-Party shock troops for a confrontation Saturday in Madison.

Media "Research" : In a near hilarious piece in today's Wall Street Journal by L. Brent Bozell's  far-right loony Media Research Center, Rupert Murdoch's crew complains of teacher and union worker media manipulation in coverage of the protests. Seriously!

Deb Meier reflects on her accidental trip to the protest in Madison in today's Bridging Differences.

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  1. Be careful on Saturday. Remember, Gov. Walker talked about using agent provocateurs & baseball bats during his prank Koch call.


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