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Friday, February 11, 2011

A good day for democracy

Not just in Egypt

This morning I warned  the EAG wing-nuts about stalking my brother. I even expressed pity for the poor schmucks (h/t Mel Brooks). Now they are whining like babies just because brother Fred spanked them on his blog. So they went slobbering to Fred's boss but got nothing but a lesson in free speech from the school board president. Fred says, "Today I am proud to be a teacher in Dist. 64."

Read the exchange between EAG's Steve Gunn and Dist. 64 Board Pres. John Heyde -- obviously a stand-up guy.
"Just as you have a right to make a FOIA request under the law, Mr. Klonsky also has a right, protected by the First Amendment, to offer commentary on his personal blog. His blog apparently has developed a healthy readership, including – I have to assume – your organization. Because I am not aware of any connection your organization has with Park Ridge or Niles, Illinois, I assume your organization got the idea of requesting Mr. Klonsky’s e-mails because you did not approve of what he writes in his blog. And I understand that you also do not approve of his latest posts. I respectfully suggest that, if you do not like what Mr. Klonsky writes in his blog, you stop reading it."
It's a great day for democracy. A bad one for dictators and wing-nuts.  

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  1. I got an anonymous comment asking Fred what he had to hide? I started to post it and then I thought--how stupid is that? First of all, if he had something to hide, he wouldn't answer such a dumb question. Second of all, Fred's views are made openly on his blog every day if you really interested. Third, the district is making his school emails available within the legal limits of an FOIA request at great time and expense that should be going towards teaching children. Finally, what kind of question is that coming from someone who signs in as Anonymous? What do you have to hide, Anon?

    Anyway, I deleted it.


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