Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More on Huberman's retreat

Black asks: "But why, out of all the small and struggling schools in the district, were they and sixteen others the ones put on that list in the first place?"

Under pressure from community protests, Chicago schools CEO, Ron Huberman, made a tactical retreat Monday, on 6 of the 22 schools slated for closing. But Curtis Black, posting at Huffington Chicago, and the Community Media Workshop, says the the move raises even more questions about the rest of the closings.

He cites a study of the CPS school takeover process released last week by UIC researchers, which included a look at three schools. Two of them, Peabody and Holmes, were granted reprieves by Huberman; one, Carpenter Elementary, wasn't:
Carpenter integrates arts throughout its curriculum, with programs provided by the Joffrey Ballet and Adventure Stage theater company, and last month the school mounted its first musical production, "Alice in Wonderland." It was "a model of inclusion" according to the study, with students with hearing impairments and other special needs in major singing roles...It serves low-income students, many with special needs, and it is steadily improving academically. "Carpenter is an example of the kind of school CPS says they want," according to the study.

What a loss this would be to the community. Black, with good reason, challenges the legitimacy of the entire Renaissance 2010 school-closing process. Cynthia Soto's bill would put at least a temporary halt to the closings.

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