Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Her idea of reform—larger classes, longer hours

The way they do it in Singapore

Susan Sclafani used to be an assistant superintendent in Houston, working for Rod Paige. The two of them helped engineer the so-called “Texas Miracle” that pushed George Bush into the White House. They used bogus data to claim that they had eliminated dropouts and raised test scores. Sclafani and Paige ran the DOE during W’s first term in office. Then they started a consulting group, Chartwell Education Group, trading on their White House connections to steer international contracts to like-minded educational service providers for handsome fees.

In the Feb. 11th issue of Edweek, Sclafani lays out her big ideas for “school reform” including, “larger class sizes, and longer hours.” She says, they do it that way in Singapore.

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  1. Isn't that where they do judicial caning? What else should we borrow from Singapore?


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