Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Camping out

Media coverage of last night's vigil at CPS

Chicago Breaking News (CLTV)
story plus video

NBC Chicago News

Organizers of GEM (Grassroots Education Movement) pitched tents and held a candlelight vigil outside the public school board offices overnight, calling for a moratorium on school closures.They say they expect hundreds of more dissenters to arrive at board headquarters by bus Wednesday afternoon for a rally to halt a vote to close schools.


"We were there when it was hard; when it was dangerous, and now that it's better for our children, and safer, now they want to kick us out," said Carpenter parent Maria Hernandez. "Why? Because we're the minority, and we're also low income families?"
Today's Sun-Times editorial:
School officials spend months analyzing potential closures, but little of what they learn, and few details about how they choose one low-enrollment school over another, is shared with the public. That should change. We also support a call by community groups and the teachers union for an independent analysis of the effects of Renaissance 2010.
Fred Klonsky
PURE Thoughts
Chi-Town Daily News

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