Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bomke takes Illinois politics down another notch

The Illinois legislature is already the nation's laughing stock, especially after the Gov. Blago impeachment fiasco, replete with pompous, windy speeches by self-righteous pols, many of whom had been lining their own pockets for years.

But now, one wing-nut state senator, Larry Bomke (R-Springfield) wants to ratchet state politics down a notch or two lower, if that's possible. In the midst of this current economic crisis where tens of thousands of Illinois workers are losing their jobs and where schools are going begging for funding, Bomke and the Limbaugh Party are obviously enamored with Nebraska and the Canadian Mounties, and are pushing legislation that would ban Bill Ayers from teaching in the state university system, along with all other "admitted terrorists." What Bomke wants to do with terrorists who don't admit that they're terrorists, is unclear.

I had forgotten who Bomke was until this latest round of chuckling broke out in the smoke-filled rooms of Springfield. Then I remembered--it was back in '07 when the Illinois Senate passed one of those unanimous voice-vote resolutions condemning the war in Iraq as "not being in the national interest," and I was wondering why so many of these pro-war yahoo down-state politicians had remained silent and gone along with the vote?

Then I saw an interview with Bomke who tried to cover his butt with the Limbaugh types by claiming that he was "unfaliliar with the resolution" and "off the senate floor when it was being discussed."

Maybe Paul Vallas can come back here at whip this whacky state Republican Party into shape. Nah!

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