Monday, April 30, 2018


Nobody's talking arming teachers any more. 

Lynne McKernan, seventh-grade AZ writing teacher 

Said Arizona lawmakers walked out of the Capitol on Friday without speaking to teachers. "In the middle of a crisis, they chose to adjourn rather than sit down with our representatives who have asked to speak with them for weeks."
"Other schools have the roof caving in," McKernan said. "We used to catch mice at our school. It was like a hobby: 'How many mice did you catch in your classroom today?'"    -- LA Times
Lydia Coffey, former KY teacher, now running for a state House seat
“I think women are just tired of feeling like we’re second class. We’re tired of white men in power telling all of us what to do.” -- Huffington
Mike Elk is a member of the DC-Baltimore NewsGuild
The teachers’ strikes have brought into sharp focus forces that have been reshaping the landscape for workers in America. Nissan, the union-backed Fight for $15 campaign for minimum wage workers and now the teachers have shown that after years of attack from anti-union powers, organized labor can still make a difference. -- Guardian
Michelle Wolf at WHCD 
“Trump is also an idea guy. He's got loads of ideas. You've got to love him for that," she said. "He wants to give teachers guns. And I support that because then they can sell them for things they need - like supplies." 
More Wolf...
"It is kind of crazy the Trump campaign was in contact with Russia when the Hillary campaign wasn't even in contact with Michigan. It's a direct flight. It's so close." -- The Hill
 Trump Lawyer, Michael Cohen
“Boss, I miss you so much." -- WSJ
R.I.P. Jean Gump
 A young, fully armed soldier who descended from an armored vehicle to arrest the trio had cowered as she reached into her purse. “Shoot if you must, sonny,” Ms. Gump said defiantly, “but I’ve got to blow my nose.” -- N.Y. Times


  1. Mike, this is truly one of your best posts! I love the Jean Gump story.

    Gump should be introduces as a word meaning courage, determination & speaking & LIVING truth to power. R.I.P. Gumps, indeed.
    The world needs more just like them.

  2. Thanks retired. I feel the same way about Jean. Here's another obit in the Tribune of all places.

    "Peace activist Jean Gump spent more than four years in a federal prison for her role in a demonstration during which she poured blood in the shape of a cross on the hatch covering a Minuteman II missile silo in Missouri and painted the words “Disarm and live.”


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