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Monday, April 20, 2015


Mercer Hall & Gina Sipley
No self-respecting educator can condone dishonesty under any circumstances, but the proliferation of cheating practices is happening concurrently with the augmented emphasis on high stakes testing. Public education is in crisis, and now is the time for parents, educators and concerned citizens to urge the repeal of legislative mandates that have created a desperate system in which deviance has become the new normal. -- AlJazeera

Judge Baxter
Scott Lemieux
During a sentencing hearing on Tuesday, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Jerry Baxter announced that the crime under consideration was "the sickest thing that's ever happened in this town." Given that Atlanta, the town in question, has seen crimes including racist and anti-semitic lynchings, the serial murder of children, and a terrorist bombing at the Olympics, the bar is rather high. -- America's broken justice system
Wendy Katten
“We brought this to the current board’s attention over and over at multiple meetings over the past two years,” said Wendy Katten, who heads the parent group Raise Your Hand. “We don’t want to wait for the feds to have to get involved for CPS to do the right thing, to act ethically.” -- Sun-Times
Vitale & Ruiz complicit in SUPES scandal
New schools CEO Jesse Ruiz
 “Many of us . . . engage with organizations which we no longer have a relationship with, which may still provide quality services to Chicago Public Schools." Ruiz added after the press conference, that he voted for SUPES because “I thought it would be a prudent action to make.” -- Sun-Times

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